Wildness | Snow Patrol






1. Life On Earth

The first snow
First winter of my life
I was told it was the height of me

The first dance
Well the first one that counted
Felt like my blood was built from crackling lights

All this ancient wildness
That we don’t understand

The first sound of a heartbeat
To riots roaring on

This is not the love you’ve had before
This is something else, this is something else
This is not the same as other days
This is something else, this is something else
It shouldn’t need to be so fucking hard
This is life on earth, it’s just life on earth
It doesn’t need to be the end of you, or me
This is life on earth, it’s just life on earth

The first light
First light on the silent shore
Just the ships at anchor, me and you

The way home
This is always the way home
So you can rip that map to shreds my dear

But all we ever wanted
Seemed miles and miles from here

And the first days in a strange new land
Awaken beasts in us

2. Don’t Give In

It’s in your blood and it’s and it’s in your making
So don’t hold your tongue cause it’s no longer working
Don’t fall on your sword just follow your instinct
Like an old lesson learned
Like an old lesson learned

Only you know what it is to see through
See through the eyes that are trained on me now
I can, I can only tell you how it, how it looks from here
I think you’ve made up your mind
I think you’ve made up your mind

Don’t give in
Don’t you dare quit so easy
Give all
That you got on the sword
Don’t say
That you won’t live forever I know

Yes there’s a lot we can, we can learn from this loss
Learn not to let it fall around our ears
Don’t fall in love with the way things were
It’ll fuck up your mind
It’ll fuck up your mind

But this is all
On the wings of others
But I loved you more
More in your own flight
So it ain’t the same
It won’t be lost forever
It won’t be lost forever

This is your grace and I don’t know why, and I don’t know why

3. Heal Me

Can you heal me baby I’ve been dancing in this fire for way too long
But I kinda like it, oh I like it coz it’s more dangerous than me
There’s a siren somewhere but I’m pretty sure it’s only in my head
So tell me how’d you hear it, is there something supernatural in your bones

Oh this is love like wildness coursing through you like a drug
And this is hurt like kindness breaking you with gentle hands

I call out your name it feels like a song I know so well
And it whispers and roars like an orchestra
You call out my name like no one before it sounds like I
Am called to a home that I never had

Can you heal me baby I’ve been wasted in the arms of everyone
I wasn’t looking for you but I think maybe I was and didn’t know

4. Empress

You’re angry but you don’t know how to be that yet
It seems too much went wrong and all at once
Resistance seems impossible from down this low
And surely no one else can feel like this

But on the streets
You can see them gathering
And in your heart
You know they feel like you do

Sound and pulse and volume
Hands just reaching out for hands
This is almost overload
I said almost overload

Friends and foes and princes
Are all just human in the end
This is so damn simple yeah
It’s so damn simple

So standing in the steady throng of restless hope
You don’t feel like an outcast anymore
And something deep inside of you has wakened up
And you know that nothing’s gonna be the same again

And on these streets
You can see for what seems miles
Because in your heart
You know they feel like you do

Your mind won’t be still
It may not again
You don’t think it will
But it will

5. Dark Switch

Your hands found a dark switch in me
That I didn’t know existed
The lost tribes in the back of my brain
Making fires from wood they’ve stacked for years in secret

Don’t give me more than I can handle
Don’t gimme more than I can take
Don’t give me more than I can handle
Aw hell just give me all you’ve got in every way

Oh oh oh

This is not like it was before
Baby I’m not afraid

Somethings fall when they’re meant to fall
And you can see everything

Who knew when you brought me your storm
Who knew that I would like it
The small town of my mind as it was
Now a city wreaking havoc stretching endless

6. What If This Is All The Love You Ever Get?

What if this is all the love you ever get
You’d do a couple things so differently I’ll bet
What if this all the love I ever know
I’d say the words that were so hard to say don’t go

So you’ve fallen in love
So you’ve fallen apart

What if it hurts like hell
Then it’ll hurt like hell
Come on over
Come on over here

I’m in the ruins too
I know the wreckage so well
Come on over
Come on over here

What if this is all the love you ever get
You’d not worry so much about counting your regrets
What if this is all the love I’m ever shown
I’d not be so scared to run into the unknown

7. A Youth Written In Fire

Remember the first time we got high
We felt like the rampant lion’s roar
We were elastic and then we were healed
Healed in the blinking of an eye
And then when the dawn cracked over us
The day wouldn’t hit us hard at all
We could ride the morning into night again
We knew the days were there to waste

But these days that light hits so heavy
And those days feel like another life

This isn’t like the first time anymore
And I’ve been chasing that too long
Digging for the lost memories
Of a youth written in fire
You’ve always said it’s not too late for me
Well I sure am listening to you now
Believe in me so I can trust myself
Cause there’s a first time for that too

Remember the first time that we kissed
It felt like a planet forming
Though we were just novices at this
It felt like an ancient wisdom
There was lightning then
And those songs were all proved true
No wonder I still think so much about you

But these days my heart feels too heavy
And those days are someone else’s life

8. Soon

Soon you’ll not remember anything
But then, someday, neither will I
Tomorrow though is nothing to fear
Because father it’s always today

Life won’t flash before your eyes
Instead will fall away then melt like snow
The secret storms of your wild youth
Now just gentle breezes warm and faint

Soon you’ll not remember anything
But then, someday, neither will I
Tomorrow though is nothing to fear
Because father it’s always today

I can ride on your coattails again
Like I always did as a little boy
We are standing on the home shores now
My whole hand hanging onto your thumb
There’s a place in the palace of you
Where we can always be standing like that
And we can hide in there just as we were then
You’re just my father and I am just your son

Your son

Your son


9. Wild Horses

Oh you wanted it too late
You wanted it too late now
I can’t keep track of all your tears
Been crying rivers way too long
Oh I’m tired of loneliness
But I’m way more tired of wasting time
So still you barely look alive
These shocks will do you so much good

Just keep your wits about you don’t let it end you
And summon everything you’ve held up in reserve
Don’t fall for every single stolen glance and wink
And try to keep your heart on higher shelves for once

What are you holding back
I know you’ve wild horses enough inside of you
Now’s not the time to learn serenity
it’s gone to red from blue
But I think you want this love
And I know you don’t want time without it
I know I don’t know much
But I do know when to rage

Oh you wanted it to work
You wanted it to work so much
But it’s been broken in your hands
The minute that it found your hands
Oh you’re trying not to blink
For once you want to see what is
Oh it hasn’t finished you
It’s only that it feels that way

10. Life And Death

Everything is sudden
Everything is suddenly alive
All these situations
Panic into such sweet calm

I will turn the light on
I will turn the light on everywhere
And I’ll watch you lift your head up higher than it was before

No I don’t know how it ends
For both of us
But why would you need to know the end my dear

So don’t crash into everything
To make your point
Let’s get, get out of the way of us

I woke the lion
You woke the tiger

Don’t want to be this far
Don’t want to be so far
From you

Now everything’s forgiven
Now everything’s forgotten
Just look at you
You’re shinning like a falling
Shinning like a falling sword

I don’t want to be this far from you…